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Account Issues

If you’re unable to login, try forgot password or username on the sign in page.

If you are unable to create an account, please check to see if you’ve already created one by using the forgot username button on the sign in page. If not, contact us.


Bookmarks are ways you can save your favorite comic to your bookmark tab for easy access and updates when you login. You can bookmark by hitting the bookmark icon on comic’s home page.

For Free comics, no! But for premium comics, yes!

You must have an account to rate or leave comments on any comics.

No! Patreon access is only required for accessing premium content.

To read exclusive content, you must have premium access.


A Season is the 6-month period where we focus on creating and releasing specific content from our team. Our seasons start in spring/late winter (January) and fall/late summer (July).

Seasonal Content is content we release and market within that season.

There are two types of Seasonal Content Free and Premium.

A lot! We negotiate a deal with our artist to have a lot of content for whatever comic we put under the seasonal banner. Since season are timed exclusives besides pages we have other content released and offered only to that seasonal set of subscribers.

Each new season will feature Exclusive content only available to the premium subscribers of that season.

Seasonal Exclusive require a premium subscription to access its contents. To access these, you will need to subscribe to the active season.

Right now, Seasonal Access is through Patreon, joining the patreon grants you access to our seasonal content.

Yes! At the end of each season we release the previous season’s content free over the course of the new season, while we release the new season’s exclusive content within that time.


Patron support helps us stabilize the page production per month. We have hired a few freelance artists to work on the artwork. So, all the money from Patreon goes into the comic production.
Currently Premium access is only through here, but we will add another Premium access option later.

To read free content, NO! As for Premium content, yes!

If you are a monthly returning patreon yes! If you fail to return/pay for a month of Patreon your premium access is cancelled.

YES and NO.
Yes, you still get access to Exclusives.
No, you will miss out on the specific monthly Exclusive extras such as exclusive character previews.

Please ensure you follow the required steps we sent to your Patreon inbox on how to link your Patreon to your account here. Or ensure you use the login with Patreon button on website.
If your still having troubles, contact our support team.

You will lose access to any feature premium content. You will retain access to any previous Premium content you received.


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We are working on the full list for you, but we will have T-shirts, Art Prints and Comic Book Prints for sure, while we talk about other small things we would like to add, such as bookmarks, key rings, etc.


This is a topic we are currently addressing we will make a public announcement about this soon.



No. We do not take submissions.